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IT business continuity

Green Pike has many years of general computer experience. This means we can offer advice and risk assessments on business continuity from an IT perspective, including information security. Many companies and organisations are critically dependent on their computers… would your business cope for long without its IT facilities?

Information security

Green Pike has considerable experience of information security issues. We offer Whether or not you have already encountered information security problems, get in touch. You wouldn't buy a house without at least a minimal survey, nor would you go without insurance, so talk to us about appropriate measures.

Software and web development

Green Pike can carry out a range of software engineering tasks for you, including requirements analysis and specification through to implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Supported languages include Ada, C, Python, Bash (shell scripting), Dart, JavaScript and others across a range of environments (command-line interfaces, text user interfaces, graphical user interfaces or web applications). We have skills in databases (e.g., MySQL and SQLite) and support tools (e.g., Git, Mercurial, Subversion). Web sites and software systems involving the web can also be provided.

If you have particular technology requirements, get in touch — computing is a huge area and there are many options.

A range of options for licensing are available: you might want your software to be freely available under the Gnu Public licence (GPL) or a BSD-style licence; instead you might require the software to be kept for you alone.

Linux and servers

Green Pike strongly recommends Linux, particularly Debian and its derivatives for server use. Most development undertaken by Green Pike is on Debian platforms (Phil's laptop and desktop computers mostly run Debian).

Green Pike can assist you with

Mathematical models

Operational research (OR) involves a range of applied mathematics techniques to help solve problems. Classical problems involve optimising delivery routes and logistics.

Green Pike can build mathematical models from very simple (perhaps as a Python script or spreadsheet) through to complex custom applications and simulations. Some simulations can involve random sampling (e.g., Monte Carlo methods)


Phil has spent much of his career using the LaTeX “document preparation system”. We can support you by producing entire documents (to PDF and other formats) as well as helping with your TeX and LaTeX problems.

Lilypond is a similar system, intended for producing music manuscripts. Green Pike can take your handwritten or similar manuscripts and produce a high-quality PDF.

Other packages and systems may also be supported, such as LibreOffice, groff, ….


Phil has over fifteen years of experience working in higher education. This has included teaching a wide range of courses to many students of varying abilities and backgrounds. We also have experience of vocational training in broader areas.

Green Pike is able to prepare custom courses for you on any area of our work.


With major experience of research, Green Pike can undertake research projects and literature surveys for you. Do you need to know if a particular technology is appropriate for your next product? Or perhaps you need a briefing about particular computing concepts.

General support

With very broad experience of computer science, software engineering and related disciplines, Green Pike can offer general computing support. Not sure if we can help? Get in touch.
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