Green Pike Ltd — Computer consultancy

Green Pike provides computer consultancy for business and home users, and has expertise in a wide range of areas of computing. Based in North East England, UK, work can be accepted nationally and internationally.

IT business continuity and general support
Green Pike can assess your existing IT resources and give advice on IT business continuity. We can support you in risk assessments and making good use of computers.
Information security
Green Pike has ample experience of information security issues. We can provide advice, support and audit for you, regardless of size. We offer a range of services to help you.
Software and web development
Green Pike can carry out bespoke programming and software development assignments, including web sites/services.
Linux and servers
We can assist you with installation and configuration of Linux, and ongoing support for desktops, laptops and servers. This includes virtual servers at other providers.
Mathematical models and typesetting
We can build mathematical models, for example, to support decision making. We also offer computer typesetting of text (LaTeX) and music with Lilypond.
Training and research
With over fifteen years of teaching experience in Higher Education, we can provide custom training on our areas of work. Similarly, extensive research experience allows us to undertake research projects.
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